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Wine Bottle Vase – Valentine’s Day Decor

January 5, 2018
How To Make Wine Bottle Vase for Valentine's Day

This tutorial will take you through the steps on how to create Wine Bottle Vase for Valentine’s Day with Heart Stamps!

Whenever people visit my home, they look at my bottle collection and they mistake me for a tippler. Nope! I just happen to have a passionate obsession with the pretty bottles. And I collect it from all my friends who don’t see the potential of what it can become. I don’t have a clue on why people throw away the bottles in the first place. Probably they should give it to me. Or follow this Wine Bottle Vase tutorial and get creative. Ha!

These mini Sparkling Wine Bottles were a part of the year-end gift set from my workplace and I had no heart to part with them. I could hear them cry out loud to me not to throw them away. So, I had to shapeshift them into something pretty (Yes, they thanked me! 😀 ). This was one of those projects I never thought would turn this cool. And it was done within an hour!


Empty Transparent Wine Bottles (Mine were mini Sparkling wine bottles)

Wine Cork/Heart Stamp

Sharp Blade/Knife (Optional – to cut out heart shape in wine cork)

White Acrylic Paint and Brush

Pink food coloring

How To Make Wine Bottle Vase for Valentine’s Day

Tear the labels off from the wine bottles as much as you can or soak them in the water for 10-15 mins and scrub it off. Once you take off the labels, let the wine bottle dry for few minutes.

Take the wine cork and draw the heart shape onto it. Next, take a sharp blade or knife and start cutting the shape from outside to inside. If you want to see how I created these stamps, read the tutorial here where I made many stamps.

Make sure the surface of the wine bottle is free of any dust. Apply white acrylic paint on the DIYed wine cork heart stamp and start stamping on the bottles.

The bottles have a curved shape, so make sure you press the stamp shape onto the bottles firmly for a second or two.


This wine cork heart stamps made the work easier or it would have been time-consuming to draw the heart shapes onto the wine bottles.

In one of the bottles, I stamped heart shapes from the bottom half and tied a lace on the top.

And for the other, I stamped hearts from the neck and dipped the paintbrush tail end in the white acrylic paint to decorate it with little dots. I think both turned out pretty gorgeous!

If you like this white look, you can stop it here and use the wine bottle vase as it is. Fill it with water and some flowers!!

Couldn’t ignore the fact that the mini Eiffel tower looks cute! Agree?


Cup of water + Few drops of Pink food coloring + Wine Bottle Vase = Cute Valentine’s day centerpiece

My mini-pallet box is a perfect fit for these two wine bottle vases!

You could use these wine bottle vases as a candleholder for your candlelight dinner on Valentine’s day! Sounds good to me…


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How To Make Wine Bottle Vase for Valentine's Day

What would you make out of a bottle? What would you fill the wine bottle vase with? How would you decorate it? Your comments are welcome! 🙂

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