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Snowman In a Jar – Christmas Winter Scene

December 10, 2017
How to Make A Snowman in a Jar - Christmas Winter Scene

This tutorial will help you to create Snowman in a jar – Christmas Winter scene!

Do you know that South America experiences Summer during Christmas? While half of the world experiences winter, it can get very hot and humid during Christmas and New Year. So, the celebration of White Christmas here is a daydream. I came to Argentina 2 years back without knowing this fact, so my first Christmas at Buenos Aires was a huge disappointment. Nevertheless, you can compensate this feeling by decorating around your home with Snow decorations, like I did.


  • Salt dough (see this tutorial)
  • Fish Glass Bowl
  • Thermocole
  • Twigs
  • Wine Corks
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Few Christmas decorations
  • Black and Orange Sketch Pens

How to Make A Snowman in a Jar – Christmas Winter Scene

Collect all the Supplies listed above and get ready to create this Snowman in a jar Christmas winter scene now.

To prepare the salt dough, follow the steps according to this tutorial. Take a small amount of salt dough and make them into small balls of varying shapes. And stack them as a snowman.

Make tiny cone shapes for the Snowman’s nose and stick it to the Snowman’s body.

Now, let it dry overnight.

Once dried, paint White acrylic paint since the salt dough doesn’t give white color when dried. I used orange sketch pens to color the nose and black pen to draw the Snowman’s eyes, mouth, buttons, and the headphones.

I even had a feeling that my two little Snowman looked more like a penguin without black wings, lol. Do you find it funny too?

How to Make A Snowman in a Jar - Christmas Winter Scene

Take a big bowl and make sure it is clean and dry. If there is any dust, clean it with a towel.

I took some wine corks and cut them into several sizes to see if I can stage these Snowman inside the bowl.

Once I was happy with the look of how Snowman looked inside the jar, I took the glue gun and stuck them in their place.

Gluing them onto the place was a bit difficult since the glass surface wasn’t even. I had to make some adjustments to make it stand straight on the uneven glass surface by cutting down the wine cork sides.

Glue gun the twigs behind the wine cork.

DIY Artificial Snow

For the artificial snow, I took a piece of Thermocole ( lol, this cap that I used belongs to the ice cream jar) and crushed it using a blender and powdered it. There were lots of big bits that were never crushed, but I used to fill the base of the jar. Not to mention after powdering it, my house was a mess with these teeny tiny bits flying all over the place.

Cover your glass jar with these DIY artificial snow. I filled it to the level where I cannot see the wine cork base.

Your Christmas Winter scene with Snowman in a jar is Done!
How to Make A Snowman in a Jar - Christmas Winter Scene

Decorate the surroundings with the rest of your Christmas decorations. I used the contrasting colors of Christmas Origami trees.

How to Make A Snowman Winter Scene

How to Make A Snowman Winter Scene

How to Make A Snowman Winter Scene

How to Make A Snowman Winter Scene

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