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Message In a Bottle – Valentine’s Day Craft

February 14, 2017
Message In a Bottle Valentines Day Craft

I already shared a list of craft ideas that I should be making this Valentine’s day. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find Message In a Bottle idea in the list. It was a last minute inspiration that struck me last night. I was browsing through the websites and I ended up seeing this Message In a Bottle gift for such an expensive price as a Valentine gift.

Though this Message in a Bottle crafts was not on my list, I was still curious to make it since it looked so easy and I had all the items that I needed for the craft around my house. And why why-why should we buy it for an expensive price when we can make it at home? Huhh!

How to Make Message in a Bottle for Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day craft to gift your loved one, look no further! All you’ll need is-

  • A transparent white bottle with cork
  • Colored papers/cardstock
  • Satin ribbons
  • Candle
  • Glass Gems (totally optional)

Time Required: 1 hour max.

Difficulty Level: Easy


Step 1:

Start by selecting the medium-sized bottle. It can either be glass or plastic like mine. I have recycled a soya sauce plastic bottle here for this project.

Message In a Bottle Valentines Day Craft

Step 2:

Peel off the label from the bottle. Just soak the bottle in water for 5 minutes and scrub it off. The label will come off easily. I selected the champagne cork that fits this bottle perfectly. I didn’t use the plastic cap of this bottle. If you’d like to recycle the cap, read my miniature project here.


Message In a Bottle Valentines Day Craft

Step 3:

Now it is time to prepare the love scroll. This is going to be your space where you write your personalized message to your loved one. Take a normal paper from one of your notebooks. Make sure the paper fits into the bottle and is not oversized.

Message In a Bottle Valentines Day Craft

Step 4 (optional):

Light a candle and slightly burn the edges of the paper. Now this and the next step are totally optional and it is up to you how you want the letter to look like.

Message In a Bottle Valentines Day Craft

Step 5(optional):

Now brew some coffee. Take a plate and pour the coffee and soak the paper you just burnt the edges. This is to make the paper to have some vintage look, if you’re not interested and running out of time, just skip this step.

Step 6:

If you followed step 4 and 5, take a cardstock, I used red color (It’s Valentine’s day!!) and stick the paper to the cardstock like the picture below. And now, it’s ready to write your message.

If you did not follow the steps 4 and 5, just take the cardstock and write your message here.

Roll it and seal it with ribbon or a piece of printed paper like I did.

Message In a Bottle Valentines Day Craft


Step 7:

Time to decorate the bottle. Fill the bottle with glass gems, insert your personalized message into the bottle and close it with the cork. Take the satin ribbon and make a bow around the neck of the bottle. Use a tag if you’d like to.

Message In a Bottle Valentines Day Craft

Message In a Bottle Valentines Day Craft

Message In a Bottle Valentines Day Craft


If you don’t have glass gems, you can fill it with sand, or shells or colored crepe paper scraps. The options are endless, so let your imagination fly.

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