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How to make a Simple Fairy Garden with your Kids

February 22, 2017
Simple Fairy Garden with Kids

Have you ever had a day when your kids are totally out of control, shouting, crying and fighting over everything? And you never understand how to keep them busy because they are tired of coloring bunnies over and over again. Well, I hope many say it is almost every day, right? Then it is time for you to make this Simple Fairy Garden with your kids next time you’re about to go crazy. Ha!

I happen to babysit my nephew (innocent and crafty) and niece(naughty and nice) often during holidays only to realize that I burn more calories than any other day. They keep me running on toes all the time. Though they have the capacity to draw out all my energy, there is never a single moment I regretted the time I spent with them.

I always find a way to keep them busy and occupied, else I (as their only aunt!) would be dragged out of the house to play with them in the hot sun. Yes, they show no mercy even if you’re an adult. Lol! So, I and my sister come up with easy craft projects that they ‘ll be interested in. Sometimes, I’ll be in awe seeing how creative and fast learning they are for their age. Honestly, it’s because of them I keep learning new stuff.

This Simple Fairy Garden project is one among those many memories I had with them. My crystal clear memory reminds me how excited they were when they created their Fairy Garden on their own. They were quite proud of themselves, snatched my phone and snapped most of the photos by themselves (I bet your kids are far better than you with mobile phone usage, don’t you agree?).

Okay, so here we go into the action!

Learn how we made our simple fairy garden with all the objects found in and around our house and garden! You can also read tutorials on mini furniture for your fairy garden here.

How to make Simple Fairy Garden with Kids


  • Wild Flowers

For the house,

  • Young Coconut (optional)
  • Bottle Cap
  • Few thin sticks
  • Glue
  • Rubber band

Time Required: 1 hour

Difficulty Level: Easy


Step 1:

Collect the Objects! This step is the most exciting!!

Take them around your house and let them pick up whatever they like.

My nephew and niece picked all the wildflowers, plants, sticks along with few immature young coconuts that fell from the tree. They had a beautiful collection in short. Look at the door that is drawn on the coconut, it’s their imagination.

Simple Fairy Garden with Kids

Simple Fairy Garden with Kids

Simple Fairy Garden with Kids

Step 2:

Build a house for the fairies!

Use a bottle cap as the base and glue the sticks around it. Make use of a rubber band/hair tie to hold it in place. We removed the top part from one of the coconuts to be used as a ceiling for the fairy house. Isn’t that pretty?

Simple Fairy Garden with Kids


Step 3:


It’s time to decorate around the fairy house. Place all the objects your kids collected around the house. We placed the wild plants around the house. The flowers that were picked were scattered on the plants. You can see the red flowers arranged over the yellow flowered plant here.

We placed all the leftover coconuts around as the border.

Simple Fairy Garden with Kids

Step 4:

Add Additional decorations!

Add if you have any additional magical items you have around your house.

We added the Origami trees and the doll to our scenery. My Lil niece placed the flowers on the doll’s head and hand. Lol!
Simple Fairy Garden with Kids

Simple Fairy Garden with Kids

Step 5:

Welcome the fairies!

Let your kids write the sign. My nephew wrote the sign “Welcome Fairies” on a piece of colored paper and glued it to the wall.

Simple Fairy Garden with Kids


Tada!!! Congratulations, you just completed the Simple Fairy Garden with your kids!!!!!!

Simple Fairy Garden with Kids

Simple Fairy Garden with Kids


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Simple Fairy Garden with Kids

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