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Make Bling Christmas Clay Ornaments

November 20, 2017
Make Bling Christmas Clay Ornaments

Can you believe the holiday season is almost here? I definitely don’t. Now that I think about it, this year has been the happiest of all the other years of my adulthood. Yes, I launched my blog this year which was a dream come true. It made my life much busier and this is the first Christmas on my blog. And that’s the reason why this Christmas is so special to me because I get to share all my Christmas decors with Y’all. Yayy!!

My first attempt is to make the easier one using the available materials already at hand. Oh, did I mention? I have a Pinterest board dedicated to Christmas crafts, I pin Christmas stuff all around the year because I never get bored of it, so please take a look. Now, this tutorial that I am going to share with you will help you in adding some bling to your Christmas Clay Ornaments. Let’s get started!


Make Bling Christmas Clay Ornaments

Air-Dry Clay
Flat back Crystal Stones with adhesive backing
Cookie Cutters
Glue (optional – if the crystal stones don’t have adhesive at the back)

DIY Bling Christmas Clay Ornaments

Collect all your supplies.

Take a ball of air dry clay and roll it using rolling pin.

Make Bling Christmas Clay Ornaments

Once rolled, take the Christmas themed Cookie cutters and start cutting them out.

Make Bling Christmas Clay Ornaments

Poke holes when it is still wet using Bamboo skewers on your Christmas clay ornament shapes so that you can hang them later.

Make Bling Christmas Clay Ornaments

I started adding the crystal stones when it was still wet so that the crystal stones can be pressed into the clay ornaments.

The crystal stone package that I purchased had the adhesive backing, but if you don’t find one with the adhesive, take some glue or even a glue gun and stick the stones onto the shapes once the clay ornaments are dry.

Make Bling Christmas Clay Ornaments

Leave it to dry as per the air dry clay package instructions or until you feel it is dry and ready to hang. I dried them overnight.

I also used some cookie stamps to print my nickname to personalize it.

And it’s time to make more to cover your entire Christmas tree.

That’s it! Your Blingy Christmas Clay Ornaments are ready to go bling on your Christmas tree!!

Now take some awesome pictures of your creations for the social media!!

Make Bling Christmas Clay Ornaments

Make Bling Christmas Clay Ornaments

Make Bling Christmas Clay Ornaments

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For Pinterest lovers, here’s the infographic to pin away,

Make Bling Christmas Clay Ornaments

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