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How to Make Fairy Furniture Set – Fairy House Crafts

February 7, 2017
DIY Mini Fairy Furniture set

Want to know how to DIY mini fairy furniture set for your fairy garden? Is your fairy house lacking comfy furnitures for your fairies? Need some recycling crafts? Feeling crafty but no time? Well, this little fairy furinture takes less time and almost no money. This DIY is very easy to make as all you need is to look for things around your house.

Not to mention my❤ love❤ for fairies especially Tinkerbell, I have started to fall in love with elves too… Yes, never knew that these Lil’ sharp-eared short creatures would sweep me off my feet…

Any Tolkien fans out there?? Hmm… I’m really not a fan of human-sized elves, and oh, yeah, the Christmas elves looks cute too, but these ugly short elves are my personal favorite… Don’t ask me why?

DIY Mini Fairy Furniture set

These elves are a gift for my birthday from my dearest friend and since then, I have been wanting to make a house and furniture just like the fairy house… I thought, why not an Elf house?

DIY Mini Fairy Furniture set

Supplies Needed:

  1.  Few dry sticks
  2.  Plastic Bottle Cap
  3.  Glue Gun with Glue Sticks

Time Required: 1 hour

Difficulty Level: Medium

Instructions to Make the Fairy Furniture:

  1. Break 3 twigs of same size to make the legs of the chair. Glue gun it to the bottom of the Coca-Cola bottle cap and make sure they stand properly. If they don’t stand, just use your glue gun to keep a dot of glue at the end of the chair leg to give the length it wants. I had 2 legs of same size and one was little small, so I had to extend the length by applying glue at the end. Tear off some strong barks off the twigs and stick it to the side of the bottle cap.
  2. For the dining table, I had to cut 5 twigs of same size for the table top and 4 for the legs and 2 for holding the table top. Glue gun all and assemble it.
And, tada!! They are a perfect fit for my elf’s size. <3

DIY_Mini Fairy Furniture set

I’ll be creating more and more fun miniature creations for my little elves, as part of which, now, you can see the fairy furniture set I made for these magical creatures.
I would love to see my elves taking a relaxed dinner on the tiny table and chair I made for them. Hope they like it and spread magic (wait, a good magic, right??❤ ) around my house!

DIY_Mini Fairy Furniture set

I totally love this craft.What do you think? Make sure to let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below!


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