Haunted House DIY – Halloween Decor For Small Spaces

Have you ever lived in a rental small space? I wanted to decorate my Argentina apartment room for Halloween but when you live in rental spaces, you are given limited choices and don’t get a tonne of space to decorate. So minimal space and cost-effective ideas are a must. This Haunted House DIY – Halloween decor for Small Spaces that I did last year (but never got to post it) cost me close to nothing. I managed to set up a haunted house scene on the small table I had and I used my office printer to print out the silhouette images. Now, how cool is that?


Supplies to Make

  • Printouts of Bats, Cats, Spider, Crows and Flying Witch
  • An empty beer bottle
  • 2 large pine cones
  • Glue
  • Paper Towels
  • Sketches/Paint
  • Cardstock in Red, Orange and Dark Green
  • Thread

How to make a Haunted House Halloween Decor for Small Spaces?

So, gather these supplies for this Halloween decor and let’s get started, shall we?

Since I made this last year, I don’t have any step by step instructions, but I’ll try my best to explain it clearly.

Hmm, so this is how my main haunted house Halloween set up looks like,

Halloween Decor for small spaces includes Haunted house, Pumpkins, Flying Witch, Crows, Bats, Cats and Spiders

I made sure that I have all mini version of the Halloween heroes in one scene –  there are colorful pumpkins, scary cat, spiders, haunted house, the flying witch on a broom, crows on the rods, Halloween banner and bats on the curtains (which you’ll see down below). Did I miss something??

Cats, Spider, Crows and the Flying Broom Witch

Just google and find the silhouette images of your choice and print it out. I used normal A4 paper and black & white printer to print these images.

For the cat – just cut them out and stick it in the haunted house front yard.

For the crows and the Witch – You know how thankful I am that I have those ugly rods (what are those anyway??) in the tablespace I selected. While I was thinking what to do with those, I thought I’ll scatter the crow silhouettes and glue them to their spot. Among these crows, I glued the flying Witch slightly cross so that it looks like she is flying on her broom. And it worked well with this scene.

For the spider – I took a thread and glued it to the spider and tied it to the rods above.

Scary cat in front of the haunted house

Halloween banner

I just drew triangles of the same size in MS Word document. And then typed the letters Halloween and printed them in black and white. Stick them to a string and tie them above and across the haunted house.

Haunted Halloween House

An empty big beer bottle is a good size for this Halloween house. If you’re talented enough to break the neck of the bottle using bottle cutter method then that would be great. Else, just keep it as it is because you will be covering the bottle’s neck with the pinecone rooftop.

Peel off the labels from the beer bottle by soaking it in water and then scrub them off.

Once dry, take some glue and paint the whole surface of the bottle.

Now before the glue dries, take the paper towel and stick it on the bottle.

When the glue dries, you can paint the doors and windows however you want. I just took some sketch pens I had and drew a black door and some windows and ghosts on the paper towel. The paper towel surface makes it easier to draw and paint.

For the rooftop – Make a cone out of thick cardstock that fits the beer bottle neck and using the hot glue gun, start gluing the pine cone pieces onto it.

In case you were able to break the bottle into a half, remember you can put tea lights inside the haunted house.

Autumn shaded Cardstock for the pumpkins

Cut 4 strips of the same color to make a pumpkin Top it with dark green cardstock to make the stalk.

Pumpkin and Pumpkin Vines

Pumpkin Vines – To make the pumpkin vines, simply take a paper towel dipped in water and twist it. And when it dries, paint it in green. Use can use white paper bag handle too. I had too many paper shopping bags, so I pulled them out and painted’em green. Voila!

Autumn Shades Pumpkin and Pumpkin vines in front of haunted house

Bat Silhouettes on Curtains

I googled different silhouette images of bats and printed them out. Then just glue them to your curtains and you’re done!!

Halloween bats silhouette on the curtains

What do you think of these simple ideas? They are a bit time consuming but I assure they are cost-effective. One year later, I still love them though the photos are not DSLR quality. But hey, these ideas are worth sharing!

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