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DIY Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

February 7, 2017
DIY Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

Okay, so February is here. Not to mention this is the month of lovers, it is also a busy month for DIYers. Why? Because we have some serious craft works to create. We have the responsibility to put on our innovative thinking hats to DIY some unique crafts as part of  Valentine’s day. Don’t you agree?

I just realized that my blog has been sleeping for a while without any updates.Yes, I didn’t make any new posts but don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean I never attempted to make any new crafts, I just didn’t make a post on the right time :'( . Seriously, I had lot of Christmas decor on mind, and few thoughts did succeed from jumping out of mind and became a craft. But, as usual, I took only photos and never had time to edit those pics and post it. When I finally made it, Christmas was already over.

So, I am NOT making any excuses for this 2017 Valentine’s day. I’m so determined to make DIY Valentine’s day Crafts this year and POST IT WITHOUT FAIL. Huhhh… Let’s see what are the ideas that sprouted in my mind.

Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas List:

  • Heart Bracelet
  • Paper Hearts Zentagles
  • Heart Dreamcatcher
  • Valentine Moving Cards
  • Heart Cookies (Well, this is not a craft, but you can still DIY it!!)
  • Message In A Bottle
  • Wire crafts
  • Valentine Card for Singles (Lets see what I come up with..)
  • Hearts Frame
  • Heart Air Balloon Mobile

These are the ideas I came up with today, let’s see how much I able to DIY. I have already made a few of these above ideas in the past, indeed you can see it in my Instagram profile too.


Heart Bracelet and Paper Zentangle:

Heart Bracelet is such a nice gift for your best friend or even your beautiful partner. Oh ya, Paper Heart Zentangle is the one that is most relaxing and satisfying. Heart Dreamcatcher is as dreamy as the name sounds..

Valentine Moving Cards:

This one is my favorite! Believe it or not, I made a movable Valentine card few years ago. The specialty of the card is that it is a Girl’s Valentine card to gift her boyfriend. I told so because when you pull the tab at the end of the card, the girl moves and kisses the boy. Haha, interesting, right?

Heart Cookies:

Well, the next one is interesting because I’m not really a girl meant for kitchen. Seriously, I cannot stand inside the kitchen cooking for more than 30 minutes, so don’t worry.. The recipe I make probably is never time consuming.

Message In A Bottle:

I totally love ths idea. It is the easiest and cheapest and the best personalized craft you can make among this list. If you wanna stitch the holes in your pocket, then this Messsage In a Bottle craft is the right choice for you.

Wire crafts:


Wire Crafts.. Hoo hoo.. I get excited just thinking about wire crafts. It’s one of the niches I have more to learn about, you can say I’m still searching for the right materials around my city.

Valentine Card for Singles:

Is your Facebook relationship status still single? Well, all the Singles out there, do not fret, as I’ll be showing you the best Valentine card for ya’ll singles (including ME! :P) as I make one for me too. I’m gonna keep that on my Office desk as a table decor in between my two cute paper cactuses to remind me to find my Mr.Right, I promise, only until I find my Mr.Right.. Lol..

Heart Air Balloon:

Heart Air Balloon, yes, you heard me right. It’s not hot air balloon. Not anymore. This season, we are gonna see only hearts on all the sides we turn. Bear with me only for this month.

Hearts Frame:

Heart Frame is something I still working on inside my brain or I may run to Pinterest for some pinspiration, so the newer version(or renewed version from pinterest) is yet to come.

Watch this space for more interesting crafts on this 2017 Valentine’s day as I’ll be making the above ones on the coming days!!!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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