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DIY Dyed and Labelled Easter Eggs

March 29, 2017
DIY Dyed and Labelled Easter Eggs

Hello, Crafters and DIYers! I’m here with another Easter egg tutorial to add to the Easter decor series. What is Easter without some colorful Easter eggs, right? So, why not ask the mighty Pinterest for some Pinspiration. Guess what? My brain’s spinning with ideas now. Probably, this DIY Dyed and Labelled Easter Eggs might just be my favorite simple project to come out of the Transparent Stickers tutorial I shared a couple of days ago. So, let’s get started!

How to make Dyed and Labelled Easter Eggs


  • Boiled Eggs
  • Food Colors
  • Clear Labels (tutorial here) – and I prefer this tape



You might want to create some simple Easter Quotes in MS Word and print it out. And follow this tutorial here to DIY those Clear labels required for this project.

As our Easter quoted Clear labels are ready, let’s talk about the eggs. Make sure you have Hard boiled eggs or you could empty the eggshells with a very little opening.

There are 2 versions you could follow in this project.

First version:

Take the boiled eggs and stick your Easter Quoted Labels.

Yes, It’s that simple.

The Black and White Labelled Easter Egg combination looks pretty awesome on its own.



Second Version:

Dye the eggs before you label the Stickers to the eggs.

Take the food color of your choice and mix it with water. Dip the eggs in this water mix. And your dyed eggs are ready for decoration. Pretty simple!

I chose pink and blue food colors, the resulting water mix was purple. Dipped the eggs and took it out immediately in a second. My expectation was Purple easter eggs but, I got these pink ones. How? As I tested the eggs with this food color water mix I understood that the longer you soak, brighter the color.  I was already excited with the pink dyed easter eggs, so I decided to dye them all pink.

 DIY Dyed and Labelled Easter Eggs

DIY Dyed and Labelled Easter Eggs

I speckled some eggs with some paint and old toothbrush. And there they are!

Don’t these Dyed and Labelled Easter Eggs look adorable? I love the second version more. It was fun experimenting with food colors! Which was your favorite version? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Using clear labels is a terrific idea. It means you can customize and personalize your eggs anyway you want to. Favorite sayings, things to be thankful for, etc.

    Thanks for sharing the idea.

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