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DIY Dreamcatcher with Vine and Lace

December 4, 2017
DIY Dreamcatcher with Vine and Lace

This tutorial will help you on how to DIY Dreamcatcher step by step!

You know, I remember the first time I saw a dreamcatcher. It was in a Korean drama of my favorite actor. When the heroine handed him the purple shiny dreamcatcher of her’s to the hero, I thought the moment was magical. And the next second, I knew that I want one in my room. For myself.

But how? I googled a lot on the Dreamcatcher DIY tutorials, back then I didn’t know Pinterest even existed. So, this is what I did. For the round base, I took the gasket off my pressure cooker and for the web, I tore an unused white T-Shirt into several strings. Went to a zoo to collect some bird’s feathers (Oh, Did I mention several times??). And that’s the story of how I made my very first Dreamcatcher. You should know by now how desperate I must have been to create a Dreamcatcher!

Now I have a board dedicated to celebrating my love for Dreamcatchers DIY and I still feel that the board is magical.

So, this DIY Vine Dreamcatcher was a trial of casting a magic on my Buenos Aires room.


Vine Wreath Base – 30 cm in diameter

Wax Cord – Color of your choice – I used around 8.2 meters for this project

Seed Beads – colors of your choice

Colored Lace of your choice

Food Coloring (optional – necessary only if you don’t have the colored lace of our choice)


How To DIY Dreamcatcher using Vine and Lace

Take your cord bundle of around 8.2 meters and wrap it around the Vine Wreath like below.

This is a simple but a foundation step and I would call this first step as the Base wrap.

I’ll be referring to this base wrap term a couple of times in the below steps, so you’d want to understand what I’m talking about.


After the base wrap, the first row of weaving starts for your dreamcatcher web. Just pass the cord bundle through every loop of the base wrap and continue it around the entire vine base.


After your first row has been weaved, your dreamcatcher should look like this. Did you notice that the first row is almost invisible under the vine?

Make sure you pull the cord tight after you pass it through all the loops.


After the first row, here comes the second row!!

Now all you have to do is pass the cord bundle through every loop of the first row.


I’m sure the first row will be tight and sometimes it gets harder to pass the cord through the first row. So, make a U-shape like below and pull the cord bundle through it.


Repeat this second-row weave throughout the first row loops.


Now comes the third-row weaves! And I would call it a very confusing step!

It is sometimes confusing where to pass the cord through because the first and second row looks like Rapunzel’s long tangled hair. But hey, don’t worry! I have a solution for you though!!

When you make a U shape as below, you should see the base wrap in the middle. That is the second row and you’d want to pass the cord bundle through every loop of the second row. That was easy, right?

Make sure you keep the cords snug!


After the second and third rows, I have to agree that I can’t feel my fingers anymore because I kept pulling the strings tighter. Phew! Think I need a coffee break!! 😉

For further rows, you’d have to pass the cord bundle through the previous row. And keep repeating the steps! Soon you’ll see that your DIY Dreamcatcher is starting to take shape.

Here’s mine after the fifth row of weaving! It’s starting to look good!


If you didn’t understand the previous step – here’s how you should weave. You make the U shape of the last completed row and pull the cord bundle through.

Here’s me weaving the 7th row through the last row, ie., the 6th row.


Now is the time for seed beads entry!!  *Clap, Clap!!*

After almost 10 rows of the web, I decided to add the beads. You can include the seed beads at any point in the DIY Dreamcatcher, but I decided that I want the hot pink seed beads to be center focussed.

Also, beading the seed beads through 8.2 meters of cord for every loop would be very time-consuming! Lol!!

Now, take your seed bead and pass it through the cord to the end.


After adding the seed bead, you are going to repeat the same weaving steps again as you’d normally do. Pass the cord through the previous row.



I added three rows of seed beads – 1 row of pink, 1-row of sea glass green and the last inner row of pink again.

Isn’t she a beauty?


I still have the remaining cord to tie the ending knot.


Decide which part of your Vine faces up and which faces down. Once you decide the down part, bring the remaining cord back through one of the curvy webs.


And tie the knot at the end. Don’t worry if it looks ugly, we are going to cover it with the beautiful lace fringes.


Here’s your almost-complete-DIY-Dreamcatcher!!

DIY Dreamcatcher with Vine and Lace

I couldn’t find colored laces at my local store so I had to DIY my own colored version but if you have colored lace, you’re in luck!

Take about a half a cup of water and add 2-3 drops of food coloring of your choice. I chose pink because that’s my focus color. And let it sit inside the colored water overnight. Then dry it completely.


This is how my laces looked once it dried! That soft lush pink, yumm!


I mixed both white and pink laces and tied it around the Vine. And don’t forget to hide the ugly knots. Cover them up with the lace fringes at this step.

This was my own experiment trying to color the laces. I realized later that the pink color faded a little bit after drying and looked pale pink after 2-3 days. But still, I liked the color so I went on to the next step.


I also took the same colored cord and added the same seed beads to them. Take the cord of your desired length, add the seed bead, and tie a knot and keep repeating it until til reaches the end of the cord.

Add some woolen yarn if you have.


I think the seed beads addition gives it a nice texture and made the Dreamcatcher even more dreamy…


DIY Dreamcatcher with Vine and Lace

At last, here’s the finished dreamcatcher in black background. I thought it would make the colors pop.


For the Pin lovers,

DIY Dreamcatcher with Vine and Lace

So, what do you guys think? Was this tutorial useful to DIY Dreamcatcher of your dreams? It definitely did for me. I think these are so cute with the natural Vine showing up covered in ever beautiful laces and the itsy bitsy pop of pink…Woah… I thoroughly enjoyed making this dreamcatcher and it was a pleasure to be able to share with Y’all!

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