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Copper Wire Heart Bracelet DIY

November 3, 2017
Copper Wire Heart Bracelet - Shine Crafts

One thing I constantly do whenever I get a scrap wire is practicing that perfect heart shape using pliers.Though I got a good hang of it, it seems that this habit is yet to stay for quite a long time. I don’t limit this habit to wires though, I doodle hearts, I punch heart shapes when I’m stressed, I collect lollies in heart shapes, I use a lot of heart emojis <3. I’m obsessed with everything hearts but, who doesn’t? If anyone gifts me this Copper Wire Heart Bracelet, I pinky swear, we’ll be BFF’s forever.

In fact, you should take a peek at my super awesome Pinterest board dedicated to the love of my wire jewelry.  This board is filled with my favorite wire jewelry works. Now, do you wanna know how I made this? Let’s get started, shall we?



  • Copper Wire
  • Jewelry Pliers

Copper Wire Heart Bracelet

How to Make Copper Wire Heart Bracelet

The first step is to take your copper wire and measure it about one and a half inch long and cut 10 pieces of it. This number of pieces could vary depending on your wrist size.

Hold the center of the wire using pliers. I usually eyeball the center of the one and a half inch long copper wire, but if you don’t want to guess it, take a ruler and mark the center using a sharpie.

Once you strongly hold the center using pliers, put your thumb and index finger on either end of the wire and bend it in the V-shape. Don’t bend it too close, no… not yet buddy.

Let’s start bending that heart shape, shall we?

Put one end of the V-shape in the middle of the pliers as in the below image. Hold it tight in the middle.

Now make a U-shape bending it towards the V-shape.

Repeat the same on the other end of the V-shape. It’s starting to take shape, isn’t it??

Now it’s time to make sure the heart shape is perfect. Bend the U shape well and bring both U-shapes closer.

Repeat the same steps and make more heart shapes. There is no need to worry even if you don’t get it right the first time. It took several crooked heart shapes for me to practice and get these perfect ones. So please, don’t fret.


How to make the hook?

Let’s make the hook clasp for our heart bracelet. Take a wire of around 2.5 inches long. Find the center and bend it into a long U- shape.

Hold the end of the wire in between the pliers and twist it to make a loop.

Repeat it on the other end too.

Make the connectors as well by holding the end of the wire and twisting it to make a loop and cut off the remaining wire. After cutting the excess wire, use pliers to make the perfect round shape.

For my wrist size, I made only 10 heart shapes. If you find it not fitting, please make as many hearts as you desire.

Open the connectors and connect it to the hearts. At the end of the bracelet, connect the hook as well. That’s it, buddy!!

Tada and you’re done!! Your beautiful aesthetic copper wire heart bracelet is ready to be gifted to your bestie!


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Copper Wire Heart Bracelet - Shine Crafts

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