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Copper Wire Heart Bracelet DIY

November 3, 2017
Copper Wire Heart Bracelet - Shine Crafts

One thing I constantly do whenever I get a scrap wire is practicing that perfect heart shape using pliers.Though I got a good hang of it, it seems that this habit is yet to stay for quite a long time. I don’t limit this habit to wires though, I doodle hearts, I punch heart shapes […]

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DIY Easy Dual Pendant Air Dry Clay Necklace

May 29, 2017
Happiness is Jewelry making! You'll learn how to make dual pendant air dry clay necklace easily!! And this DIY is one of those projects that doesn't require much skills or efforts.

Happiness is making your own jewelry! Not only you get to wear a new piece but you can also show off to your friends that you made them yourself. I love jewelry making and wearing it makes me happy to the core. I’ve been playing with air dry clay for various projects and I should […]

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