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Light Bulb Miniature – Valentine’s Day DIY

January 24, 2018
Light Bulb Miniature - Valentine's Day DIY

This tutorial will help you in creating the Light Bulb Miniature that’s a perfect unique gift for your beloved Valentine! As we are a few weeks away from Valentine’s day, I know that you’re thinking of unique ways to gift your “Partner in Crime” or your BFF’s. And this light bulb miniature is a perfect […]

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Wine Bottle Vase – Valentine’s Day Decor

January 5, 2018
How To Make Wine Bottle Vase for Valentine's Day

This tutorial will take you through the steps on how to create Wine Bottle Vase for Valentine’s Day with Heart Stamps! Whenever people visit my home, they look at my bottle collection and they mistake me for a tippler. Nope! I just happen to have a passionate obsession with the pretty bottles. And I collect […]

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DIY Fairy Light Crescent Moon – Urban Outfitters inspired

January 1, 2018
How To Make A DIY Fairy Light Crescent Moon

This tutorial will help you in creating DIY Fairy Light Crescent Moon! Living in the middle of the famous city in a rental apartment does come with its own aye and nay. Running to a grocery shop maybe just a few blocks away but it’s a pain for someone who grew up in a countryside […]

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Snowman In a Jar – Christmas Winter Scene

December 10, 2017
How to Make A Snowman in a Jar - Christmas Winter Scene

This tutorial will help you to create Snowman in a jar – Christmas Winter scene! Do you know that South America experiences Summer during Christmas? While half of the world experiences winter, it can get very hot and humid during Christmas and New Year. So, the celebration of White Christmas here is a daydream. I […]

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DIY Dreamcatcher with Vine and Lace

December 4, 2017
DIY Dreamcatcher with Vine and Lace

This tutorial will help you on how to DIY Dreamcatcher step by step! You know, I remember the first time I saw a dreamcatcher. It was in a Korean drama of my favorite actor. When the heroine handed him the purple shiny dreamcatcher of her’s to the hero, I thought the moment was magical. And […]

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Make Bling Christmas Clay Ornaments

November 20, 2017
Make Bling Christmas Clay Ornaments

Can you believe the holiday season is almost here? I definitely don’t. Now that I think about it, this year has been the happiest of all the other years of my¬†adulthood. Yes, I launched my blog this year which was a dream come true. It made my life much busier and this is the first […]

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Copper Wire Heart Bracelet DIY

November 3, 2017
Copper Wire Heart Bracelet - Shine Crafts

One thing I constantly do whenever I get a scrap wire is practicing that perfect heart shape using pliers.Though I got a good hang of it, it seems that this habit is yet to stay for quite a long time. I don’t limit this habit to wires though, I doodle hearts, I punch heart shapes […]

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Haunted House DIY – Halloween Decor For Small Spaces

October 24, 2017

Have you ever lived in a rental small space? I wanted to decorate my Argentina apartment room for Halloween but when you live in rental spaces, you are given limited choices and don’t get a tonne of space to decorate. So minimal space and cost-effective ideas are a must. This Haunted House DIY – Halloween […]

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DIY Easy Dual Pendant Air Dry Clay Necklace

May 29, 2017
Happiness is Jewelry making! You'll learn how to make dual pendant air dry clay necklace easily!! And this DIY is one of those projects that doesn't require much skills or efforts.

Happiness is making your own jewelry! Not only you get to wear a new piece but you can also show off to your friends that you made them yourself. I love jewelry making and wearing it makes me happy to the core. I’ve been playing with air dry clay for various projects and I should […]

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DIY Faux Crystals using 3 Ingredients

May 17, 2017
Learn how to DIY Faux Crystals using just 3 ingredients

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I am in love with crystals. Why? Because they are colorful, shiny, sparkly and add a good vibe to your room when displayed. While I’m okay with growing crystals using borax or alum, I’m little impatient to watch it grow. I’ve been thinking a lot to give it a try […]

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